In order to apply to TFoL, just post a thread in the forum with the following info:

-Real Name (first)
-ESO2 username
-E-mail address (It can be a spam one, just make sure it's one you check regularly)
-A little about yourself.

Rules: Please read the rules. Failure to acknowledge and abide by them will result in removal from TFoL

Thank you for applying to join TFoL - The Fists of Legend. We are a gaming clan for Age of Empires 3 and its upcoming expansion pack The War Chiefs. Our goal as a clan is to provide a close-knit, active clan with members that are active on ESO, on our forums, and in playing clan games. In addition, we foster a competitive environment as well through participation in the RTS league and through our own in-clan ladder.


1. As we strive to be an active clan, we ask that all members are on ESO at least once every 2 weeks, unless otherwise stated that that would be impossible. We have no need of members who are just taking up slots in our member list without ever being on.

2. In addition to ESO activity, we ask that all members browse through or post on our forums at minimum once a week. We have a large database of strategy discussions, recorded games, and a thriving community forum for chatting and getting to know other clan members. In addition, updates and news may be posted there much more regularly than on our news page.

3. So as to keep a competitive atmosphere, we only accept members that have a power rating (PR) of 20 or higher.

4. Skype ( is TFoL's source of out-of-forum communication between members, as well as how we speak to one another in-game. It is free, easy to set up and use, and can be used for all IM conversations as well as voice. Having a skype username is a must.

5. No flaming, spamming, excessive swearing, or otherwise counter-productive activity on the forums. This will be edited at a moderator's discretion.

Application process:

Upon reading these rules and applying as stated above, you will undergo a trial period of roughly two weeks. During this time, the officers will look at your activity, your skill level, your desire to become better at AoE3, your personality and character, forum activity, and sportsmanship. Once the officers have gathered enough evidence, they will hold a vote as to wether or not you should be accepted. During this time, it is recommended that you attempt to play as many games as possible with the officers and other members, as well as post recorded games so we can judge your skill level from all sides.

Good luck with your application!