Tuesday, 3.20.07 - News Update

Sorry for the lack of news posts everyone, just never got around to putting up new stuff :) Anyways, I'll try to keep this site updated more this year.

So, on to the news. We have another clan bash scheduled for Friday the 23th. We're hoping to get a good bunch of people online to play Team Games on a couple custom maps, Windy Isles and Treasure Island. Our bash two weeks ago was a lot of fun, so we're hoping to have another similar one Friday.

RTSL TWC Season 2 started this week. I am staffing two divisions these season, so along with our new strategies and players for the season I'm quite excited for it. Our opponent this week is Proud, who I really think we can beat if we play our best against them. Check the forums for scheduling.

I think that's pretty much all for current news, so...that's it!

After much planning, the TFoL 1v1 Tournament is nearly underway. Unless I can find a sponsor within the next day or so, it will just be for fun - either way, I expect to see a large tournout.

Clan events: Our last clan party, last friday, was a blast as we got together for team games and free for alls. Congratulations to T_Dawg, who was randomly selected as the "winner" of the party, and also to DaFish, who was awarded the prestiogious CLAN PANSY! Our next party is scheduled for Dec. 15, check the forums for details.

New members: Welcome Mateo76 and Pitbul to the clan! woohoo!

It's been a while since my last news post, so this has quite a bit.

1. We have two new trials going on, that of mateo76 and KingCon. Try and play as many games as you can with these guys - both look like good additions to the clan.

2. In preperation for RTS-L TWC Season 1, we're working on our team, which brings me to my next point...

3. Clan party on the 10th - 3v3 games against our RTSL team, or just team games period. Confirm in the forums.

4. TWC. Most of the clan has switched over, so if you don't have it yet you're missing out :)

We had our first ever clan party on Friday night. It was a big success, with six of our members playing a great fort wars FFA. We'd definitly like to see more of the clan doing this, so please check out our forums to schedule for the next one!

In other news, please welcome Warlord_AoE to the clan (sorry for the late update). Also, those of you interested in playing in our RTS-League matches please talk to me, as we're hoping to get a team ready for this next season.

Season 3 of RTS-League has finished. We unfortunately performed worse than predicted, but considering we had several close losses as well as a couple games that we should have won, but didn't have our best team there, Season 4 looks promising. Season 4 should be starting in a month and a half or so, after playoffs finish. Be sure to work on your teamwork and skillz so we can make season 4 our best season yet!

The officers of [TFoL] - The Fists of Legend are happy to announce the opening of our home page. The page was coded by our resident computer expert Saphy, give him a thank you next time you talk to him :) We hope this site will increase activity, membership, and help tie the clan together. It will be updated regularly with our latest news on clan events, RTS-League happenings, news, and more. If you have music for the radio blog, send it to Mattlight at his e-mail.